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Rogue API Development

12 dicembre 2010

Sul sito di Kin Lane leggo questo articolo: Rogue API Development nel quale viene descritta l’innegabile utilità circa la presenza di una API da parte delle applicazioni web.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) are a necessity in today’s fast paced business community. An API can encourage mobile application, web application, and desktop development by your most passionate users, partners and the public.

Even with all this value many businesses don’t have time or resources to dedicate to developing, marketing and managing an API.

If you are fortunate enough to have a passionate user base and / or offer a extremely valuable tool, you may generate the attention of rogue API developers.

Nell’articolo, Kin racconta di come Ronnie Roller abbia deciso di sviluppare una unofficial API per Hacker News, con l’intento di rendere disponibile Hacker News Mobile – iHackerNews che si basa su tale API.

This is a great example of someone outside of a company developing what I would call a rogue API that extends the value of a company and its technology so much that it can gain the attention of the company and be officially endorsed, as Paul Graham did with Ronnie’s Hacker News API.

A proposito della parola rogue:

The problem with these translations is that there is kind of a “brave individualist” factor associated with the word “rogue.”
That’s why the infamous Sarah Palin named her book “Going Rogue,” despite the many negative connotations of the word.


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