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Link della settimana #39-2010

3 ottobre 2010
  • Open Source Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Status Update Application by Mahmud Ahsan on – “After getting some of my friends request today I developed this project and released as Open Source GPL License. This is a php, jquery base application.This applications uses the api of facebook, linkedin and twitter to update user’s status on those sites. So you’ll publish one status that will update on 3 sites instantly.
  • Service Stack – “ServiceStack is a high-performance Open source .NET web services framework that simplifies the development of XML, JSON and SOAP Web Services. Developed in the modern era, it has first-class support for IOC, testing and convention-based development enabling you to to develop your webservices entirely using pure, clean POCO DataContract’s that are decoupled from the endpoint that it is hosted on.
  • Design Is a Process, Not a Methodology by Pabini Gabriel-Petit on UX matters – “In this installment of On Good Behavior, I’ll provide an overview of a product design process, then discuss some indispensable activities that are part of an effective design process, with a particular focus on those activities that are essential for good interaction design. Although this column focuses primarily on activities that are typically the responsibility of interaction designers, this discussion of the product design process applies to all aspects of UX design.
  • 10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit by Chris Spooner on Line25 – “Over time certain conventions and best practices have been developed to help improve the general usability of websites during their design and build. This roundup of ten usability crimes highlights some of the most common mistakes or overlooked areas in web design and provides an alternative solution to help enhance the usability of your website.

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